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I have come across a scientist who (r.i.p.) has ideas that will revolutionize science (i believe).  The problem is no-one has replicated the experiments in decades, so it seems.  I'm not asking for money; these experiments would be quite cheap.  But they, according to logic & my reason could unify physics & chemistry.

I also have a hypothesis for a galt motor which I intend to pursue

The reason I didn't just post this is because I wouldn't want this in the wrong hands, so we shall vote.

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There is simply science. Pre-science wasn't science nor will post-science be science. We are already in post-science respecting "climate change."

The way to real science is to cut off the government money.


you can't keep epistemological truth in a bottle; such ideas float around to be used or not

whatever happened to "A New Kind of Science"?

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