Kinsey and the Dark Side

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Kinsey and the Dark Side

I just came across this tweet. I keep hearing contradictory things about Alfred Kinsey. On the one hand, his efforts helped spread a reasoned understanding of human sexuality.

On the other, I have little doubt he condoned pedophilia, at least for his research.

To go Hitler for a minute, because of the Nazi German government, we know about limits of human endurance for many things. That doesn't excuse the German concentration camps where this knowledge was gleaned.

Alfred Kinsey is an historical figure who, given all the controversy about him over the decades, needs to be put in correct perspective and let the chips fall where they may. 

I haven't see this documentary yet, but I trust Larry Sanger. He was one of the founders of Wikipedia, but left when it became clear Wikipedia went hard left (and ruling class).

Larry is one of the good guys. Much better than Jimmy Wales.

Wales was the Objectivist back in the early days of Wikipedia. Larry was not. Today, in my view, Larry is more in line with Rand's ideas than Wales ever was. Not in saying, but in doing.

btw - When I see the documentary, I'll report back.


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