Sheppard Smith is Out at Fox News

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11 hours ago, Peter said:

Who names their kid Hunter?

Who names their kids Track, Trig, or Tripp?


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Good one, William. Are you also poking fun at Brant “Goose” Gaede too? I looked up Track, Trig, and Tripp on Yahoo answers and they said: What the hell kind of name is Princess Fluffybutt? Why don't you do this: Look them up on the web under baby names. Those names are all there, with their meanings. Funny thing: With Sarah Palin's popularity came popularity for the names of her children. You find them everywhere, now. Just Google. So sorry if you don't know how to do that. The names Track, Trig, and Tripp are good solid names. They sound pretty good, too. What is with all you people who can't get over Sarah Palin? end quote

Most of the babies in my extended family are named after older relatives, Biblical names, and famous people. It is odd when “famous,” full of themselves people name their kids in a HIP fashion. And remember all the 70’s doper names? Saint Peter David Taylor

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22 hours ago, william.scherk said:

There are histrionic harpies in the air, on all sides. How to lessen a misinformation effect? How to sift 'wheat' from 'chaff?

Who is Alexandra Chalupa?


So, how do we fit together Manafort, Giuliani, Parnas and Fruman, 2014, 'dirt,'  'black ledgers,'  prison, guilty pleas and the churn of reporting? Shukin, Yanukovych, Zarrab, Flynn, Gates  ...

Sometimes it just feels right to take a breath, retreat to an information island, where any harpies in the air are "our (side's) harpies."

The fundamental attribution error covers all situations.

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2 hours ago, william.scherk said:

Who is Alexandra Chalupa?

Let me guess.

A friend of Sheppard Smith?

A new talk show host at Fox?

Roger Ailes's maid?

After all, this is a thread about Smith leaving Fox News...


(Quips aside, Lee Stranahan knows who Chalupa is, and he knows who her convicted bomb-making partner Brett Kimberlin is, see here. In fact, I think I'm going to embed this one on the correct thread about the Ukraine mess.)


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6 hours ago, Peter said:

During past Progressive administrations, if Ayn Rand had immigrated to America during their reigns, she would have been deported. "Back to the U.S.S.R."

There was no legal basis for deportation. The premise is she was a legal immigrant who legally stayed here and legally gained citizenship. 


and no ship for a fool

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