Major Persuasion Fail on Climate Change

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On 9/29/2019 at 9:37 PM, Brant Gaede said:

Or, Greta is a head of lettuce.



Apparently Greta is so much more.

I have only skimmed the article so far, but I like what I have seen from Patrick Howley's work so far, so I'm posting this believing it is most likely accurate.

That sure creates a new plot point in the story.


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My Mom's parents were born in Sweden and immigrated to America. I suppose it takes all kinds but I thought Swede's were some of the world's least prejudiced people except for their badmouthing of the people of Norway. I never did understand that. My Mom's favorite curse line about them was the Norse are Swedes with their brains kicked out. Diana Ross married a Swede too, which doesn't prove anything. 

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On 9/27/2019 at 4:54 PM, Peter said:

What about the Joker movie? Will it sway someone already dingy to go full throttle? I saw the FBI was warning us about it after a screening. 

Phew! I will lay off the internet and OL after this for a while. Cavuto said he went to see “The Joker” and he had never seen such a dark, troubled character and it should get an Oscar nod. And he said, the way to get huge box office receipts is to get someone to ban it, or criticize it. I think I will pass. I’d rather watch reruns of Lassie or The Jefferson’s. 

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