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credit: Habit (user @ rsdnation.com) & other users: An LTR of mine has this friend. We'll call him Prophet, because the first time I met him I could have sworn I was talking to the messiah. This guy is the PERFECT AMOG. He's not a muscled out meat head. He's not a loud and obnoxious "friend". He's not the good looking natural. He's a below average looking applied chemistry major who barely says a word. Yet AS SOON as he enters into a room, for some reason, ALL the attention goes to him. The room could be full of some of the greatest naturals, and as soon as he walks in they and all of the chicks they were gaming would IMMEDIATELY start qualifying themselves to him. This man has the strongest frame in the world. You can't tell a story in front of him without it turning into you qualifying yourself. I'll be talking to a girl, telling a funny anecdote, when all of the sudden: Me: And so there I was... Prophet: (from across the room) And then what? Girl: Yeah, and then what? Me: Surrounded by people looking at me with the greatest expression of awe... Prophet: Sounds fun Girl: Yeah, Prophet's right, it sounds fun... Me: twitch You can't tell a joke without him somehow getting "credit" for it by merely doing you the service of laughing at it. I was at a bonfire a few weeks ago with a big group of people. High value people too. Skin Industries models, dancers, etc. We're in the middle of having a crazy time when all of the sudden everyone's conversation stopped because Prophet brought up how cool it was that the soda cans were turning into aluminum oxide when he threw them into the fire. Everything stopped for a good 20 minutes while he talked about how awesome it was. This wasn't to chem majors. This was to Skin Industries models.... The worst part is, he does this all subconsciously. I can't even really put my finger on what he does. He just steals ALL the attention in the room by sheer power of presence alone. Lucky for everyone, the guy's not a closer. He COULD be swimming in women, but it ACTUALLY SEEMS LIKE WOMEN ARE BELOW HIM. Trippiest stuff ever. Anyway, so I OBVIOUSLY don't really like being in the same city as this guy, because he's INSANE to compete with. He won't pull, but if you are in the same room as the guy you are not getting any attention. Normally my strategy was to Amog as subtly as I possibly could, or just try to out-awesome him with self-amusement, but it never really worked. That changed when I went down to my mLTR's university over the weekend. I show up, see my mLTR, and give her a big hug. Me: "You HAVE to hear about my trip down here..." mLTR: "Sweet, you can tell me and Prophet!" Me: "Alright!" In my head: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! So I start telling the story, and AS SOON as I walk into the room it's somehow reframed as me qualifying myself to Prophet. It affects her too. At every punchline she looks to see if he's laughing. He is. With his implied permission, she laughs. Try as I might, I fall deeper and deeper into his frame. By the end of two hours we are both sitting there listening to him make jokes about Edison's childhood and both laughing even though neither of us get it. Goddamn. This guy's good. She brings up how he has a date that night. He talks about how he's too hung over to do anything. Wait. What? My frame comes back. If I were in his shoes, I'd be on that girl so fast she wouldn't know what hit her. Me: "Call her up." Prophet: "Sure." (Man of few words, that asshole) Me: "You're just saying that. Do it, I'll watch." Prophet: "I don't even remember what she looks like." Me: "I'm sure she was CRAZY HOT dude. CRAZY HOT." Attentions back to me now. I'm the one leading. I'm the one giving advice. He's the inexperienced one here. Score one for me. Later that night while my mLTR (I went down there for her, so I wasn't worried about my female options that night. I decided that I would learn as much about subtle Amogging as I possibly could) was showering before a big party, Prophet and I sat and chatted. I saw his frame grow a bit weaker as I sat and watched silly youtube videos with him. Anecdotes were shared. I was qualifying myself to him less and less in his frame. I was still IN his frame (there's no escape. His frame has the strength of a black hole.) no doubt, but not as deeply. We go to the party. I have fun opening sets, he has fun being the center of attention (as always). We get to talking. He starts going on about pressurizing the keg (which was broken, at this point). All eyes are on him as he speaks about how pressure works and how interesting this is (weirdest thing ever. Seeing 8's 9's and 10's get doughy eyed from a physics lecture). I, in my drunken state, have had enough of this. His frame is SUPER strong. These girls are looking at him like he's a GOD while he barely acknowledges them and lectures about PHYSICS at a FRAT PARTY. PHYSICS!!! I can't take it anymore... Me: "Prophet?" Prophet: "Yeah?" Me (with a tiny little smirk): "Shut the fuck up" He gives me a look similar to one I'd give if I saw a little green man with seven eyes walk into my room and take my stuff. It was SO FAR outside his reality, SO FAR outside of anything that happened to him in his life, that something snapped inside of him. I held my eye contact. He shuts up. I start talking. He starts listening. Soon we're opening sets together. Self amusing together. Getting hyphy together. By the end of the night, we were the best of friends. I didn't do anything to the guy's frame. I just removed myself from it. I did something SO FAR outside of his reality that I just removed myself from it. Lessons learned: Amogging is not a matter of being loud or funny. This guy is neither. You can get a room full of girls doughy eyed and wanting to fuck your brains out by talking about hydraulic pressure. If someone has a strong frame (I mean GODLY), you HAVE to break through it. Anything you do will be inside their reality unless you do something so FAR from their reality that they have no choice but to look at you in a different light. Talked to my mLTR the next day. mLTR: "Thank GOD!" Me: "Eh?" mLTR: "I'm glad you and prophet became friends. It was either that, or you guys were both going to become arch-enemies." Me: "It was pretty close to the latter..." mLTR: "You should have seen you two together. Both of your personalities were amplified exponentially. All the eyes in the place were on the two of you. It was really cool. I've never seen anyone retain their individuality in front of him. But you two are such unique people, watching the both of you was like watching something historic happen..." That was a pretty cool little speech. It made me realize how far I've come. The guy is generally regarded as a God on Earth for some reason wherever he goes. People are constantly raving about how different this guy is. How one day, he'll rule the world (I don't disagree). Being put on that level is something that never would have happened a year ago. Thanks guys. It was combative out of envy and the fact that in the months that I've known the guy, it's been impossible for me to maintain ANY semblance of frame around him. Basically out of the fact that every time the guy talked, his frame immediately took over. It's like when you play a videogame against a friend who repeatedly owns your ass. But you can't put down the controller. Just over and over again "Damnit, damnit, damnit, damnit". Quote: LOL prophet stole the attention again! Hahahaha, Goddamnit! Quote: i don't want to meet him. ("prophet") i think he's an over-rated d-bag and all these people are hypnotized by his bullshittery. Until you meet him. You'll probably still hate him. You'd do your best to prove that you were above his "bullshittery". And then you'll find yourself qualifying yourself to him. Or you'll find that you're being totally ignored because you're the jerk that's trying to tool him. It's one of those "seen to be believed" things, but me and my mLTR joke about it all the time. The only people I've EVER seen hold their frame around him is the single GREATEST natural I know (I joke about how he's going to be president, and prophet's going to be the one pulling the strings behind him) and Prophet's best friend, who is on par with Prophet, but in a different way (the guy speaks like he's retarded, is below average looking, cracks jokes that don't make any sense at all, and is constantly surrounded by women...wtf?). Quote: I loved this story and way you prospered. Any insights on the way Prophet talks, moves, acts? Does he act by those 25 (I believe) rules about body language? Reply With Quote Just looked over them again. I've never seen the guy actively try and pick up a girl. So some of those points don't apply. All the ones that talk about body language hold true, but to such a crazy point of congruence its not even funny. However, he doesn't speak in a loose or relaxed tone. His tone is consistently a strange mix of a VERY businesslike vocabulary and tone, and his own strange language and quirks. He speaks with a HUGE vocabulary, excessive curse words, Ebonics, and valley-girl phrases. Thuriel, you've got it. This guy isn't a personality, he's a PRESENCE. As for the big frame eats small frame, I PRIDE myself on having a big frame. Before I ever even got into this stuff I was all about frame control (though I didn't really know what I was doing at the time). This guy has a frame the size of Jupiter... nothing stands in its path. Everyone else gets sucked into his reality so hardcore that if you fall outside his reality, you are IGNORED by everyone else. li0n, sorry, you don't got it.... The thing is that it comes from NOT TRYING (building, as you put it). I've never seen him TRY to do ANYTHING. The man just IS. Algeristo, you'll be hearing more of this guy. I got my car back, so I'll be going out more. Now that I can hold on to my frame in his presence, I think he'll make a few cameos in some FRs of mine. It's funny. My mLTR has just as much fun examining the social matrix as I do (reason number 267 she's my primary LTR), and she's constantly cracking up at the guy's sheer presence. She told me a story about how she went to a party with the guy, and by the end of the night, everyone was speaking in a strange Businesslike tone with ebonics, curse words, and valleygirl speak thrown in liberally by the end of the night. The entire place fell into his frame and started subconsciously emulating him... Wow, necro-post... Anyway, sure, why not? Since that night (it'd be about four months ago, maybe more) I've gotten to know the guy better. Not a lot better, but better nonetheless. He lives in San Diego (I live in LA, moving to SD in a month) so I don't see him often, but when I do, I gain more and more insight into him. Someone recently PMed me about this post, so I'll copy paste and elaborate a little bit more. PM in normal font, elaborations in bold. --------------------------- I gotta say that I refuse to post pictures of the people I tell my stories of over the internet. Last thing I want is someone to know that I'm talking about them. Not only that, but I've made a few enemies since I started up here, some that I know for a fact are into "the community". I'd hate for someone to click on some pictures that I put up of a crazy night and see that it was his long-time one-itis that I got with (A community guy I know has one-itis to the max over HBEx, from my latest field report. You can understand how that stuff would get messy). So yeah, sorry, but on principal I just don't want to put stuff like that online. I can, however, tell you more about him as I've gotten to know him a bit more. He's just the perfect example of someone who lives in his own reality. As such, sometimes people's RAS won't even go off about him (Brought him to a party in my social circle, no one paid him any attention (I'll say this. Their RAS's didn't go off around Prophet, but Prophets RAS didn't go off around them either. He just flat out acted like he was in an empty backyard. Barely even acknowledged anyone there)) and sometimes people will go crazy over him (the guy, once he starts talking, holds court like none other). Fact of the matter is, the guy has a few qualities that make him such an interesting person. First off, he's absolutely brilliant. He won federal funding to do science experiments with when he was fourteen. At the same age, he won what is tantamount to a Nobel Prize for under-eighteen year olds. Second off, he's a character. I went to a concert a few months ago with the guy. He pulled out a small vial from his pocket. "What's that?" I ask. "100% pure ethanol. I stole it from the lab. It's basically 200 proof alcohol. We use it making bomb tests. I use it to get fucked up." He proceeds to drink the entire vial. "Nothing feels better than getting fucked up off chemicals you stole from the state". Needless to say, he's an interesting human being. Third, he's in his own reality, completely and 100%. If he doesn't like the track of conversation, he'll simply stop talking and zone out. If you say something to tool him, he doesn't even hear it/get it. If you say something he doesn't find funny, he gives you no courtesy laugh. All these combine to make someone who, at their best, Lords over parties with funny stories and a strange sense of humor that you can't help but be captivated by because you recognize his brilliance. I have to, on the other hand, warn you. Like most brilliant people, there's a bit of a dark side. His social skills are like an on-off switch. He's either absolutely lording because people are completely drawn into his reality or he's a creepy social outcast because he doesn't give a damn enough to give in a little bit to other people's reality. He suffers from cripplingly low self-esteem, so while he can lord like a motherfucker, he never closes. He's stoic and cool, but this is partly because he never lets any form of emotion out. If he's pissed that you disrespected him, the anger just waits inside him forever and eats away at him. So as I said, there's a darker side to it too. He's someone to be learned from, not necessarily someone to emulate. He's a completely fascinating human being and a shining example of certain aspects of RSD, but he's also a shining example of what happens when you take these things too far. Anyway, that's just what I've gleaned since I've started my friendship with him. Hope that gives you some more insight. ------------------------- I have to emphasize that this guy is NOT A NATURAL in the attracting women sense. He is simply the greatest AMOG ever because, totally naturally, people get sucked into his reality. People ask how they can be like him, but it's not something that you can set your brain to. The strong reality, I think, is a side-effect of his sheer genius. It's one of those "genius and insanity go hand in hand" things."

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