i'd like to split the work: qft t/f via shroedinger's eqs


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So basically I think we should check Quantum field Theory using Schrodinger's equations via exotic atoms obviously there is so much to do but on the other hand really interesting would be organic molecules those would be key to this I think and I've also got a story one time at a Natural Science Museum I overheard a conversation where a guy said science was dead we've reached the limit because the Schrodinger equation can't be used it's too hard well you know they say the same thing about roark's formulas for stress and strain so anybody with full knowledge of physics want to chip in and we'll go all the way we'll keep our own papers or whatever I don't really know what we'll do with them

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Tangential and this post should probably be its own topic but whatever you can look up chemistry experiments done under a torsion balance and they got waves that were not electromagnetic and also this combines all three if we were to create a catapoltic chamber however tall in the shape of an upside down parabola with an accelerator at the top we could probe gravity in particles

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