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3 hours ago, anthony said:

"Astute" - observes (who else?) the New York Times, of "Mean Girl: Ayn Rand and the Culture of Greed".

That's much gentler than calling someone whom one hasn't read "the most evil man in mankind's history."


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From The Cultural Ascendancy of Ayn Rand by Chris Matthew Sciabarra - Dec 31, 2003. In the WB’s One Tree Hill, Rand’s work was practically showcased in an episode entitled, “Are You True?” The main character, Lucas, is given Atlas Shrugged by a fellow classmate. Increasingly frustrated by his troubles on the basketball court, Lucas is told “Don’t let ‘em take it — your talent. It’s all yours.” By the end of the episode, we hear Lucas’s voice-over as he walks to the basketball court: “Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark.” Reading from the John Galt speech, he tells us, “Do not let the hero in your soul perish.”

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