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Anthony asked, “Who is the Nazi?”

Still thinking about this subject. Some old and new thoughts? The losing side in a war may be expected to pay reparations though that didn’t historically work in the case of post WWI Germany. It may make some moral sense but in practice . . .  it does not. Rush was just talking about paying reparations to black people because of the “legacy of slavery.” It’s an interesting concept. Danny Glover was just invited to speak at some conference on reparations. Hey? What about Samuel L. Jackson, the leader of The New Plack Banther Party? And isn’t Glover a millionaire too? Why is Glover a speaker for reparations? He should be a spokesperson for, “Remember the past but not now. I’m good. And I am on the right track.” Glover was asked to speak because a white cab driver was afraid of the black guy (Glover) coming towards him in the dark and sped off.    

Blacks today do not live in slavery though it lasted 250 years. So is there a legacy handed down from that experience? If so how long do the effects last? The year 2019 minus 1865 equals 154 years. The damages inflicted to a group, should not be a legacy in free America, 154 years later. Yet, black kids do have the highest level of childhood hunger and that is horrible.

Is Black culture keeping them downtrodden? As a counter example, Anti-Semitism has been around since the year 1 A.D. and that culminated in the Holocaust. Yet Jews have a culture that exalts the producers, movers, and shakers and that is what they are. Peter

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The Reader’s Digest had an article about PTSD or Post Traumatic Shock or Stress Disorder as it relates to Veterans. But a new concept the article mentions also relates to slavery, the holocaust, and wars. It is called Post Traumatic Growth. What keeps any harmed group from attaining that?

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Trump open to short term China deal. Lawrence Alan Kudlow. Larry to his pals. The Dow is up. 26,631. I wrote about Eric Braeden from The Young and the Restless on the Trump humor thread so I went to look to see if his Dad really was a Nazi and found this letter. Peter

How Do German Children Learn About the Holocaust? By Quora Contributor Feb 06, 2014 . . . . Learning about World War II and the Holocaust at school: Overall, I think we learned about this time period at least three times. The first time the Holocaust came up in detail was in grade three or four, at the age of 9 or 10. The whole topic had a weird fascination for me because it made sense of a lot of small things in German culture, and finally we learned all about it. At the same time, I was horrified. I couldn’t imagine how people could believe these screwed-up ideas and do such horrible things in the name of these ideas. But it was a horror like I have for the witch trials and stuff like that. I didn’t make the connection between the war my grandfather fought and World War II. Later, we went to the Dachau Concentration Camp (as most schools around Munich do), and it was interesting and informative but not really disturbing. In Germany, the whole idea of “your own people” is not encouraged, and there is not a big feeling of unity (except if it’s about football/soccer). This anonymous answer tells you more about that . . . . Knowing there was some war in the not too distant past: I knew that my grandfather had been involved in a war, but that was something very distant for me. He only told the story how he had to ride a horse but was afraid of horses. The whole idea of war was not something I could understand at that time. But it was also clear from movies and stuff that Germany lost the war and that something horrible happened back then.

Visiting Auschwitz: When I was 16, I participated in a student exchange with a Polish school, and we went to Poland for two weeks. In general, we had a great time, and the people were lovely. But of course, as a German when you are in Poland, you have to visit Auschwitz. This name stands for everything that happened, and the gate with its infamous writing is known everywhere. We came there as a mixed German-Polish group, and were separated so everybody could have a tour in their native language. So we were only 15 German teenagers, and that made it pretty intense. For me, it was the first time that I really understood the full monstrosity of the Holocaust, not only intellectually but also emotionally—and made the connection to my own family. If you have never been to Auschwitz, this is what you see there.*

And when I saw these things that were taken from the prisoners (there is also one room just filled with hair), all the pieces came together in my mind, and I realized the first time on an emotional basis the whole horror. And I think I was not the only one. I found the toughest guy in our group, who would normally never show feelings, standing in front of a display cabinet with baby shoes crying. When the tour ended, we didn’t know how to look our Polish friends in the eyes again, because I think most of us felt unbelievably guilty as it was “our” grandparents who did that to “their” grandparents (together with many, many other innocent people). I remember us even talking about the fact that we were insecure on how to deal with that. Luckily, our Polish friends were pretty cool: When they saw us again after their tour and saw that we were all shocked and some still crying, they came up to us and told us that we shouldn’t be ashamed at all and that we are not responsible for the deeds of our ancestors. It took me a few years to get to the point where I could really feel that way, but I got there . . . . And that is how I feel today about it. The Holocaust was horrible, and I think as a country, we have the responsibility not to forget about it and also to do what we can to let something like that never happen again.

But personally I think I am not different from any other person on this planet: able to do the best and the worst. And it is my own responsibility what I make of that; for that, it doesn’t matter what my grandfather has or has not done. Of course it would be nice to have ancestors I could be simply proud of, but in the end, who can? Every country has dark spots in history; ours just happen to be huge and pretty recent.

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On 5/3/2019 at 11:33 PM, Jon Letendre said:

So that means asserting Trump is secretly a Jew. This presumably from things like moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. When he announced the embassy my thought was that he had some mild screwing of Israel (or Jews, many) on the schedule and wanted to first win over as many Jews as possible. That way when he pulls the screwing out of his pocket he could defend: “The one and only US President to ever ...  embassy, Jerusalem ... so how dare you question my commitment to Jews ... “ When he announced support for Israel keeping the Golan my thought was — oh, so it’s going to be a moderate screwing, then. My sense is that soon the world learns that Israel has been up to some indefensible things, Trump will have to act, and it won’t go over well at all. Unless by the time it happens even the Left is convinced the man must be Jewish himself.

The embassy move to Jerusalem, support for keeping Golan, and now this Executive Order.

There is definitely some troublesome news coming about Israel/MOS.


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Or else Jon, he is simply an admirer of Israel, the constructive spirit there which matches his. Very likely Trump has seen the injustices the Left in Europe and the US have committed to the nation, upholding the worst of countries and gangs, above it. Not everything has to have political, nefarious motivations. But yes, that's a critical ally in a sensitive place for the USA too.

(I have been asked if my support for the president from the get-go was related to his support for Israel. No, I didn't have the slightest clue of that then, and anyway I'd read Clinton was supposedly pro-Israel). 

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Hi Tony,

He most certainly is an admirer of Israel, which is what I am talking about. He wants to protect Israelis and he wants to protect Jews everywhere against the news that is coming. News that the Billyboy’s of the world, for example, are going to use to say “Look at Trump attacking Jews.” His “attack” is going to be on rats within Israel, not against Israel or Jews, but pro–Israel, pro–Jew exposure of their internal destroyers. It is really no different than saying, “there are rats in the CIA.” There is nothing anti–American about saying that, in fact it is pro–America to expose and eliminate internal threats. Same for Israel.

I wish I was wrong, but I am not — very troublesome disclosures are coming about Israel. He is reconfirming his love of Israel and Jews in prep for it.

Standard Hotel, L.A. child rapist and murderer, Liddle’Diddler Adam Schitt is Mossad. Q (Trump) is saying this, so this revelation is coming. People are going to go nuts.

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