Pedo Education

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Pedo Education

Watch the video and you will see kids being taught the historical importance of anal sex between a man and a boy.


This kind of corruption of the education system exists.

Another word is indoctrination.

Why pedophilia?

As an educational program, I believe it is the typical leftist bullshit of denigrating family life, thus replacing the family with Big Brother.

Still, this is a nasty disgusting form of it.


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  • 2 years later...

I just discovered that the tweet I embedded in the post above is no longer on Twitter. I will try to find what it referred to find an alt media link.

Meanwhile, here is more pedo education in the Leander Independent School District in Texas, of all places.

The best I've got right now is Twitter and YouTube, but I will be searching for replacements since I am pretty sure the video of the school board meeting will not stay up for long.

The lady is talking about a book in the school library for kids called Lawn Boy by Jonathan Evison. It's about how great it is when 4th grade boys touch and suck each other's dicks among other things. btw - This is the language used in the book.


Here is the YouTube video of the full presentation.


Pedo Indoctrination...


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