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Here we go again...

Some things like pedophilia and human trafficking for sex among the elites just won't go away. Globalism anyone?

The translation of the Brazilian text is below:


The activist Sabrina Bittencourt claims to have discovered the existence of a network of trafficking babies headed by João de Deus and that, in addition, girls from 14 to 18 years old, mostly black and low income, had been used as sex slaves.

For those who don't know, João de Deus is a famous Brazilian faith healer recently busted for alleged sexual abuse among a whole slew of women.

Norstrahl also tweeted to Diana West in the same Twitter thread:

I just reread that article by Diana from January 24, 2017. It has aged extremely well, especially in the way it depicted the fake news media.

Wake Up and Smell the Culture

I should quote from that article, but the whole thing bears reading. I haven't read all the links in it, yet, but if anyone wants to get a clear idea of what all the yelling was about, her article is one of the best factual resources allied to plain vanilla common sense I have seen out there.


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