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Sorry if I gave it away, but that scene was years ago.  What was really creepy was how the camera was focused on her face. My wife immediately wanted to turn the channel. I hesitated, and may have watched more episodes but The Black List was never the same to me either.  

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1 hour ago, tmj said:

Art imitates life.

The tv drama series "The Blacklist" follows the goings on of a rogue FBI agent turned renegade criminal mastermind/syndicatist who gains immunity from prosecution by turning in other master criminals to the FBI , the Blacklisters. The lead character Raymond Reddington (?!) is played by James Spader and should be recognized as one of the most endearing and revered characters of criminal masterminds ever portrayed on television, love love love Raymond!

The show touches on a lot of corporate nastiness and bringing just deserts to the elitist class actors there in, fun stuff.

One episode showcased a Blacklister that to the world was the head of a global foundation dedicated to protecting victims of human trafficking and eradicating the practice there of. Raymond knew otherwise, of course , and the episode is centered on exposing the foundation as a leading member of the human trafficking cabal.

James Spader , in at least all of the interviews I've seen of him, always works in his childhood friendship with JFK Jr , Sunday dinners, schoolmates, how Jackie O got him his first job, ect.


That was an early episode in Season One. (I've seen all the episodes of The Blacklist. What a ride. It's a great comic book in TV form--and it was never a comic book. 🙂 )

I just looked up the episode for this post. It was the second, the one called, "The Freelancer." The villain was played by Isabella Rossellini:


She even looks like Hillary Clinton. 🙂 

Without rewatching the episode, I don't know if this photo is a still from it. Most photos I found had her character (Floriana Campo) dressed in red. But this picture was used in the publicity for "The Freelancer" and Isabella Rossellini's participation back when it came out.

Oddly enough, last night I dreamed about that episode and woke up thinking about how relevant it was.

Now here you come.


For a comment that is totally beside the point of this thread, I think The Blacklist has the most poignant love story I have ever seen on a TV adventure series. And it wasn't between the main characters. It was Aram and Samar...


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29 minutes ago, Peter said:

Sorry if I gave it away, but that scene was years ago.


She lived.

You stopped too soon.

Oh ye of little faith...


SPOILER: Mr. Kaplan (for the reader, this is a "her") did die later, though, after creating all kinds of hell. 🙂 In her death scene, Raymond admitted to being remorseful for trying to kill her in the first place, then she committed suicide.


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