you'll be angry, but Toohey & Alvah Scarrett


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Though never have I found this in print, if you know how to read between the lines you'll recognize that Alvah Scarrett & Toohey have an antechamber and then an office.  It is their custom to invite beautiful women to this, enter the antechamber without her, and be walked in on her while they're giving each other handjobs.  They always proceed to minaj a tois.

Can someone confirm if Peikoff was told this?

what's more:  after the trial they frustratedly go in alone and Dominique doesn't enter.Also: roosted in the bushes outside Roark's Toohey involuntarily grabs himself.  Alvah grabs for him hand and puts his hand on Toohey's vagina.  Toohey throws his arm away "Not now you fool!"Breathes Toohey.  Alvah gives him a pathetic puppy dog face, this time not acting like a dog/ 

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Garbage pile.

AS - Take your meds or whatever you need to do, but don't post shit like that on OL.

I'm not angry. I'm doing a hygienic measure for quality control. I even put your content in spoiler tags so casual readers won't have to see this crap unless they want to.

If you want to continue posting on OL, consider this a warning.


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