The Blockbuster Director James Gunn mess

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The Blockbuster Director James Gunn mess

James Gunn is one of the world's top directors of movies for kids.

I suppose an article on Gunn being fired by Disney is as good a place as any to start. From Zero Hedge:

Disney Fires 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Director After Old Tweets About Pedophilia And Rape Go Viral

The real trouble with the old tweets at this stage is that there are so damn many of them--thousands and thousands. And they are so damn explicit.

Who tweets that much about pedophilia and rape, making jokes about it and glorifying it?

In Gunn's defense, so far there is no concrete evidence known to the public that he has abused children. He claims he used to be an edgy comic of the extreme sort and that explains his old stuff. He claims he has since repented of his offensive topics.

Due to the massive amount of material, I find it hard to believe Gunn has not abused children, so in my opinion, I prefer to wait to see what law enforcement investigations will turn up before believing him. And make no mistake about it, with the high profile nature of this case, there will be law enforcement investigations, very thorough law enforcement investigations.

But even if we give him the benefit of the doubt about actually abusing anyone, after all, this is the land of freedom where in court one is innocent until proven guilty, a person who writes in public such a vast amount of explicit, gross and violent stuff about pedophilia and rape should not be anywhere near doing entertainment for children, much less working around them.

I have already written some things about this case and I will copy those posts over to this thread.


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Here are my former posts:

On 7/20/2018 at 3:54 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

On the pedophiles among the elites front, keep an eye on James Gunn.

This is major Hollywood talent. He wrote the screenplay for Scooby-Doo and it's sequel. More recently, he wrote and directed the Disney and Marvel blockbusters, Guardians of the Galaxy and its sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Lots of films and lots of awards in his past.

Pedo stuff is suddenly exploding all over the place about him.

And the idiot did it to himself mouthing off on an old Twitter account.

Sick stuff, too, like sex between a monkey and a child.

Oddly enough, he's being taken out by his fellow lefties, who are digging around in his past and freaking out in their standard outrage mode, because he supported Ben Shapiro in a very light free-speech manner.

Except instead of striking an event here or there where he was naughty or talked bigoted trash so they could blackmail him into shutting up, they stuck the mother lode of a dude gushing over and over about sex with kids. And now the cat is out of the bag and, boy is it running all over the damn place screeching. And the left seems to be trying to put it back into the bag. The Daily Caller is on it:

After Attacking Conservatives, Disney Filmmaker’s Tweets Reveal Racism, Homophobia And Assault Against Children

According to reports, thousands of tweets are now deleted, but hundreds got saved by others.

Pretty soon they will dig elsewhere, not just on Twitter, and not just online.

This dude is in for some rip-righteous scrutiny. 

Stay tuned...

And this:

On 7/20/2018 at 4:35 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

Here are a couple of videos about this James Gunn business by Ethan Van Sciver at his YouTube channel, ComicArtistPro Secrets. (Sciver illustrated Jordan Peterson's book, 12 Rules for Life).

He is totally freaked out.

And this:

Man, is this going to explode...

Think of it.

All those millions of kids the world over who are fans of him and his Disney and Marvel movies. What are they going to think?

If I had a damage control company, I wouldn't even know how to start to control the damage from the fallout of this.

The FBI will soon be paying Gunn a visit. I'm serious.

And this:

On 7/20/2018 at 4:45 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

From what I can tell from reading around (though I might be mistaken), I think Mike Cernovich was involved in busting James Gunn.

How's them apples for a conspiracy theory? And here's another. Where did Gunn the pedophile material he wrote about? After all, a famous director making movies that gross over a half a billion dollars each must know people...

And this:

6 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

Disney started to try.

James Gunn has been fired from Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 3. (See here for instance.)

I don't think this pedo-tweet-storm is going to end there.

And this:

5 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

Ben Shapiro, who is inadvertently right smack dab the middle of the James Gunn mess (a couple of Hollywood lefties defended him and that's what kicked off the mess), is doing a lousy job of sucking up to Hollywood while trying to sound principled.

That (i.e., sucking up to Hollywood) is the only thing I can think of that can explain his own article on his own news site below because there is not even a scintilla of a rational principle in it.

Should James Gunn Have Lost His Job At Disney?

From the article:

Does any of that make sense to anyone?

The best I can tell, the essence of Shapiro's argument is that Disney knew of Gunn's past, but hired him anyway. They got away with it re their public, so they should continue to get away with it in a "then was then, now is now" idea. Besides, being a director and all, the thousands and thousands and thousands of pedo and rape statements by Gunn did not impact the image of any of the characters in the movies he directed. So he should not have been fired.

Roseanne, who made an honest mistake by not realizing Valerie Jarrett was black (and I know this mistake can be made because I made it myself), is blasted by Shapiro because she, with a lifetime history of being anti-racist, albeit crazy (and ABC knew it when they hired her) is suddenly not to be believed and is now a racist to him. Besides, her one offending tweet was recent, not in the more distant past, so it got intermingled with the TV show's main character in the public mind. That's why it was morally good for ABC to fire her.


This is a very confused man.

And this is one more proof that our media culture is a holy mess right now, even on the right. None of this is anything near what the public in general thinks when people go about their own lives. 

If there is any kind of legitimate moral principle in Shapiro's analysis, an analysis from a man who claims to guide his life and thinking by high moral principles, it is probably giving people a second chance, i.e. redemption. Shapiro thinks that since Gunn apologized in 2012 for "poorly worded" statements and jokes in the past, he should be considered redeemed. Don't forget the massive quantity of those "poorly worded" statements and jokes celebrated, not just quipped, but celebrated, pedophilia and rape. But Roseanne, who made an honest mistake, claimed it was an honest mistake, and apologized for it at that, is not worthy of redemption. So she should be fired.

Once again, WTF? 




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From the article: Roseanne, who made an honest mistake by not realizing Valerie Jarrett was black (and I know this mistake can be made because I made it myself), end quote

It is rare to see a black/Negroid person who has a true skin color of “black.” Nor are they gray, unless very ill. (I knew a college football player who was dying from steroid overdoses and he turned a grayish tint, back in the 70’s.)

A lot of people like Polynesians, or Hispanics are brownish. (The rainbow coalition lacks the true spectrum mnemonic “ROY G. BIV: red orange yellow green blue indigo violet.) We have a local newscaster who may be of some Spanish heritage, and he has been out in the sun so much recently, that he is starting to look “colored.” I think “colored” is a funny word, just like “gay”. If you think about it, that don’t make no sense, senor.  Peter   

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Here is Glenn Beck trying to be relevant.

All this does is come off like a cheap attempt at publicity.

Imagine his audience size, especially among kids, if he gets an interview, because he is certainly imagining it...

Meanwhile, by doing this crap, he is losing more and more of the people who are his normal fans and widening the breach with his former fans (like me).

To be clear, I don't think kids qua kids are his main interest here. I think kids qua audience are, price no object (to any potential victims, that is).



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The Overton Window is changing thanks to the big floodlight the Gunn firing did.

The following article is on Breitbart right now, but corporate news media will not be able to keep ignoring it.

The Gunn thing was just too big.

And articles like the following are setting the direction of the shift in the Overton window.

Nolte: Hollywood Finds Child Rape Hilarious

Yes, Hollywood does.

It's time to stop ignoring this crap, thus inadvertently supporting it.


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9 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

Cute (add sarcasm tags).

That's from 2015. I wonder what he thinks of it now...

The following has nothing to do with Gunn's pedophilic problems, but it's too cute to pass up.


This doesn't mention the blacklist the communist screenwriters had and used at the time (there actually was one and it was used with devastating effect), but the principle is the same going both ways.

Anyway, the lefties are now trashing leftie Gunn...


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Michael wrote: This doesn't mention the blacklist the communist screenwriters had and used at the time (there actually was one and it was used with devastating effect), but the principle is the same going both ways. end quote

When is censorship good? When it is on a private site it is certainly morally defensible. And in the general media when it is about harming children.  

Sorry for the requote below. I find Rand’s blacklisting testimony fascinating, especially the parts about life in Russian after the “REVOLUTION.” It was a hell like North Korea still is. Has Russia truly advanced from being totalitarian to authoritarian? Imagine living an urban or rural life in Russia without phones or radios. It would seem like life as depicted in “Anthem.”  Peter

Rand: . . . . I don't know whether there are a hundred people in Russia, private individuals, who own radios. And I remember reading in the newspaper at the beginning of the war that every radio was seized by the government and people were not allowed to own them. . . .

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  • 2 weeks later...

Apparently Disney is considering rehiring James Gunn.

I never knew Disney to want to commit suicide before, but here it is.

They think their press machine will be able to brainwash people and make them forget 10,000 tweets about pedophilia.

The sickest thing is watching the left preach redemption like a fundamentalist Christian.

Here's the magic question about James Gunn.

If he has truly seen the light and come to Jesus (so to speak), why did he leave that sick shit up in public until a couple of weeks ago? 

Gunn was supposed to have repented in 2012. He knew that sick shit was still out there. He knew anyone could find it just by using keywords in a normal search.

So what happened?

He forgot?

10,000 tweets?

Yeah, right...

What happened is he didn't repent at all. God knows what he does in private.


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Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth Have Unfollowed James Gunn on Twitter

July 31, 2018

While the Guardians of the Galaxy cast is showing massive support for James Gunn right now, it seems as though some of their Marvel Cinematic Universe teammates may not be quite on board with the "Rehire Gunn" campaign. [...] it seems that Captain America star Chris Evans and Thor star Chris Hemsworth have quietly unfollowed Gunn's Twitter account


Gunn was never Evans and/or Hemsworth's director in the MCU (or at all), so their relationship with him is something on a "friend of a friend" level, professionally speaking. Moreover, this controversy surrounding Gunn and his "offensive tweets" from ten years ago, joking about everything form rape to pedophilia, has largely split both fan and celebrity circles down the middle.



Yea those tweets were disgusting and Disney made the right move.  The "rehire" Gunn "campaign" is a joke.  Gunn is toxic and there are likely 10 directors that can step in his place and do a fine job---Gunn is absolutely replaceable.  Actors Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth did the right thing by unfollowing him, The Guardians of the Galaxy cast need to step away from Gunn.

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Very cool comment some The Open Secret people regarding James Gunn. This is exactly what Rand talked about by not accepting other people's premises. Another name for this is frame control. But the principle is the same.

People will invert your priorities through word games to try to get you to admit (or agree with) things you don't believe.

All you need to do to combat this is restate your priorities and call them that.


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It just gets worse for James Gunn as new things come out.


And this:

Hollywood Director James Gunn Publicly Posted Photos of Himself at a Pedophilia-Themed ‘To Catch a Predator’ Party


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  • 2 weeks later...

Milo strikes:

Revealed: James Gunn Bragged About Beating Up His Midget Girlfriend For Not Fitting Into Mini-fridge

There are more pictures than below, too. Especially at Mike Cernovich's archived copy of Gunn's now-deleted blog entry: Shoving Mia Matsumiya into Small Containers.

From Milo's article:


James Gunn wrote a long blog post in 2010 illustrated with more than a dozen pictures, describing how he beat his “legal midget” Asian girlfriend for failing to fit herself into small containers, DANGEROUS can reveal. Gunn describes the woman, whom he identifies as Mia Matsumiya, as “bloodshot and bleeding from two days of beatings.” He described the first day he hit her as a “dark day” on which “she needed to learn a lesson.”

Gunn was fired from Disney for disturbing, voluminous comments about pedophilia, which his supporters have characterized as “offcolor humor.” The blog post has since been deleted, but an archived copy of it was provided to this magazine last night by Mike Cernovich. His 2010 blog post is titled, “Shoving Mia Matsumiya into Small Containers.”

. . .




The post takes a darker turn when Gunn alleges that a picture of Matsumiya with a bruise under her left eye is the result of her failing to contort herself sufficiently to be placed into a mini-fridge. Gunn describes this as a “dark day.” Then, before posting a picture of the bruise, he writes: “I wasn’t happy to do it, but she needed to learn a lesson about what happens to girlfriends of mine who don’t fit into things.”

“Two days later we still hadn’t gotten over this blow to our relationship,” he adds. “But, while having a small get-together at my place, she looked up at me with her big, brown eyes, bloodshot and bleeding from two days of beatings for not being able to fit into a mini-fridge, and she said, ‘I need to redeem myself. I need to fit in something really small.'” Gunn then describes the “happiest day of [his] life” when his girlfriend, whom he describes as a “disgusting little wormy thing,” fit herself inside a pillowcase, “moaning slightly with pain.”

Following a now-familiar pattern, Gunn added an addendum to his blog post some time later, blaming “complete fucking idiots who read this blog and never seem to get even my broadest attempts at humor,” adding “most of this blog is all made up for your entertainment” and adding a request for readers to follow him on Twitter.

I'm trying to find the entertainment value in Gunn's obsession with small people, but, essentially, it keeps adding up to the same thing: dominating children for pleasure.


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