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1 hour ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

I just can't...


Maybe she’s not the only one slightly off. I typed in “RFK in the news” and noticed the “news” doesn’t have much good to say about him, at least for democrats.

From The Hll: Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. praised former President Trump on Friday, saying the leading GOP candidate is “probably the most successful debater in this country since Lincoln-Douglas.”

From Fox News: Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. claimed that President Biden's mobilization of troops to support Operation Atlantic Resolve is preparation for a "ground war with Russia."

From The New York Times: He has promoted a conspiracy theory that coronavirus vaccines were developed to control people via microchips. He has endorsed the false notion that antidepressants are linked to school shootings. And he has pushed the decades-old theory that the C.I.A. killed his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy.

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4 hours ago, Peter said:

Maybe she’s not the only one slightly off.


It sounds like you have not followed this thread.

So here is an overview.

The account is not AOC's. It's a parody account. If you read the name more carefully than just a skim, like most people do, you see it is a parody account. AOC's real account name is different.

The reason this is extra funny is that a person in the recent past set this parody account up and started making these outrageous tweets and flirting with Elon Musk. Elon started responding as banter and flirting back because he knew it was a parody account. Elon did this several times and said it was one of the funniest accounts on Twitter.

AOC herself had a shit fit. She even tried to do something in Congress about this account. I mean, boo-hoo, right? How dare anyone laugh at her?


But then a huge number of death threats against the person who was running it started coming in. So this person got scared and closed the account down. Elon even tried to convince the person to keep it open. But it got closed.

Catturd, probably the most effective meme-poster on the Internet, took the account over and, after a couple of weeks offline for whatever they did backstage, brought the account back in full force. Catturd comes up with some wicked hilarious stuff, even funnier than before. :) 

AOC once again is having shit fits over it, but she can't do anything. Once in a while she posts messages to her followers to beware of evil impersonators yada yada yada...


So people are not only laughing at the tweets, in the back of their minds, they know AOC is being mocked and handling it poorly. The rightwing loves this because they can't stand AOC. The leftwing loves this because AOC went into Congress as a reformer, met with Nancy Pelosi, sold out, and trashed the agenda she ran on (universal health care and things like that). AOC became part of the Predator Class. Now she's also a disgruntled person trying to play the victim. And everyone is laughing at her.

To top it off, Catturd is as funny as all get out.



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