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Not that I expect applause but I wanted a topic more informative than "Hello";-)  Not sure I can do any better than just repeat the text from my profile which I just filled in.




I read Atlas Shrugged in 1960 while a junior in high school.  I think I took all the courses NBI offered in Boston while I was at MIT.  There's a professional biography at

(The photo is old and awful -- I did not know they were going to post a photo.)  These days I work with high school teachers of Advanced Placement Statistics.  This is the closest many students ever come to a course in critical thinking, and it matters more to me to spread rationality among the young than to try to spread capitalism among the old.

I have a rather inactive blog

though there are pages of stuff there going back years.


In case the introductory statistics you took back when was just arithmetic practice the AP course relies on technology to crunch numbers and asks students to write detailed conclusions with justification. 

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