Happy Easter from Google

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Happy Easter from Google???

April fool!


I didn't notice until I saw this tweet, but dayaamm, Google.

You don't have to be that radical.

Don't be evil...



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16 minutes ago, Peter said:

At least we should all thank the Easter Bunny for all his good work.



Something... Anything...

The vast majority of Google's users celebrate Easter in some form or another. Including children and the Easter Bunny with Easter egg hunts and all the rest.

You would think Google would celebrate with them. Or at least say something on the place Google constantly celebrates others.

Instead, by focusing on such a long list of leftwing and social justice figures, most of them obscure, Google shows that it wants to mold its users, not serve them or reflect them. I doubt Google will change at this point.

Such a top-down elitist ruling class attitude eventually grows old for users, so this is great news for startups...

All we need is one company, just one, that cracks the search nut and Google will crack wide open with it. Right now this seems near impossible because Google is so ubiquitous, but each new day, new technology is invented. What happens, for instance, when industrial parks of buildings full of servers are no longer needed to do what Google does? And what happens when all that data they and other tech giants have collected over the years gets leaked in a manner that anyone can get their mitts on it? Like in the next evolution of the cloud?

Google is more vulnerable than it seems. This would be a great time for ti to try to cement user loyalty through simple human nature measures like serving its customers well and in a manner that customers want, not in a manner Google wants them to want.

But the top Google people apparently think they are way too smart to do something simple like that.

They've even abrogated their "Don't be evil" slogan as too namby-pamby.

Yeah... Real smart...

btw - Happy Easter to you, yours, and all of OL's members and readers and theirs.

Love you all...


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