Free Will Exists (Proof)


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Touch a point on your body, then remove a slice of skin from that place, and touch where the skin was.  You now know that the quantum is an impossibility, that n=np & n=/np (that this question's irrelevant).  Then listen to two sounds, or look at two objects etc..  Since a=a, and there is no proof of other dimensions, & the idea of god begs the question "who is god?".  Sorry, I left out the transitions in case some dumbass stumbles upon this site.

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14 hours ago, Peter said:

Is time travel an impossibility? On the quantum level, can a particle be in two places at the same time? Will Scotty never beam me up?

go ahead and let Scotty beam you up.  You will probably find you have time traveled and you didn't even know.

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