Good Night, and Good Luck

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This shows how Edward R. Murrow took on Joseph R. McCarthy, and it was really accurate, using actual dialogue, when known, and coming as close as possible to what actually happened. It even used actual footage from film of the real McCarthy. In some of the newsreel footage, we see glimpses of Bobby Kennedy and other real people. The movie was in black and white, like Shindler’s List, and it captures the mood of the times. It’s good for Americans to see this. Many may not even know who Murrow and McCarthy are. It’s sad how little people know about history.

People have done stupid things in history. We burned witches. We had the McCarthy era. We put Japanese into relocation centers. Today, we support another unjustified war, like Vietnam was, and things like torture and wiretapping. In Spokane, people voted out a mayor who was later cleared of any wrong doing by a federal investigation. Unproven accusations, even after all our education, still really hurt people.

Murrow had to interview Liberace, Micky Rooney, Hoody Duddey and other frivolous personalities. Going after McCarthy was more of a challenge for him, and it was dangerous. They lost their sponser. Some critics disagreed with Murrow, and McCarthy attacked Murrow, trying to prove that Murrow was a Communist.

Some people think messageboards should be just frivolous. We shouldn’t really take stands and fight battles here.

In the end, Murrow and Joe Welch and Eisenhower took down McCarthy, but the man should never have had that power.

I really liked Clooney’s speech at the Academy Awards. He credited Hollywood with being a little out of step with the rest of society, meaning that movies sometimes challenge us, stimulate us to think. They take on controversial topics and facilitate change. Perhaps messageboards can do that to some extent too.

Good Night, and Good Luck,


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Nick; There are so many things wrong with your post I don't know where to start. One quick one McCarthy was destroyed by two people Dwight D. Eisenhower and Joe McCarthy. Murrow came to the fight the fight was all ready over. I would recommend Arthur Herman's biography of McCarthy to any person really interested in the subject. Herman is very objective about the whole story.

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