The Country Music Concert Massacre in Las Vegas

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On 10/4/2017 at 4:42 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

A lot of people are calling the second interview with Eric Paddock painful, confusing, etc. Oddly enough, I have more sympathy for him now than I did after his first interview.

He's hiding something for sure, but I bet it is something like illegal activities he does for obtaining wealth. His allegation that his brother made his money from slot machines is just not believable.

What is believable is that a casino life is a great way to launder money.

But I speculate...

My impression is that this guy had nothing to do with the shooting and didn't even know about it. He's not surprised his brother did it even though he doesn't understand it. That's weird, but if his brother was into some deep illegal shit and he knew about it, I can grok it. 

I feel he loved his brother and is terribly hurt by both his brother's death and and the people who his brother killed and injured.

He doesn't seem to be aware of how this will affect his own future yet. He sounds like he is still in shock.

I'm not sure he's a good person, but I feel for him.


I don't know how you laundry money in  a modern casino. Everything is electronically recorded on and off your card.

Please note the caption on the vid: S. P. killed 59. How do we yet know he killed anyone?


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Is this Paddock (pink cap & t-shirt) at an anti-Trump rally?

at 0:17 into the video


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True story: Once on my A-Team my lieutenant got into an argument with our CIDG soldiers over pay. There were about 30 or 40 backing him up at the team house. I went into the elevated concrete bunker overlooking the disputation and armed up a .30 cal machine gun and put it into a gun port. I was half drunk but operationally cold sober. No shots were fired. I never told anyone--until today.


I would have fired a warning burst if necessary and scattered them

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On 10/5/2017 at 1:30 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

You can't read anything in the news these days without seeing a leftie grandstand about gun control and dance in the blood of the victims of this mass shooting.

Well, here's a shocking admission.

I'm not against gun control.

But I only agree if it follows a specific sequence:

First: Disarm all the governments of the world.

Second: Disarm all the bad guys.

Third: Only after the first two are disarmed, then it's OK to disarm law abiding citizens.


So, just to start, how does one disarm all the governments of the world?

Good question.

Ideas, anyone?


I can almost hear the lefties say: That's not serious.

I look at them on their soapboxes preaching we have to disarm law abiding citizens, but they never worry about disarming governments and bad guys, and I wonder who is serious.


Michael, I remembered your post after seeing the Nobel Peace Prize going to the abolishment of nukes bunch, 'ICAN'.

Yeah like you say, let's see them disarm "the bad guys" first. By their nature, it is the decent people who - might - be persuaded to self-limit their weaponry. Which leaves the sub-humans with all the guns and the nukes. Nobel, like Immanuel K , holds that the "good intention" counts above all - and don't come with your nasty 'practical' details to intrude on our nice feelings.

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