Golden State Warriors and Donald Trump


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Traditionally the NBA Champs visit the White House. This year's champs are the Golden State Warriors, with stars Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, and coach Steve Kerr. Curry and Durant said some time ago that they intend to skip the visit. Watch two-faced Kerr here. Donald Trump uninvited them unless all 3 come. But how does the mainstream media such as the NY Times report it? Trump snubbed them. Not they snubbed Trump, despite them snubbing first. Aarrgh.

LeBron James even spoke out defending Curry, etc. 


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I used to like LeBron. I don't care if the demoncrats find a young Bernie they aren't going to beat Donald in 2020. He has a consistent core of voters who will be there to cheer him on, even if the left posts hundreds of stories about how bad he is. NO he is not a baaad man. It is funny how the left will cherry pick his speeches for some dirt but he stays clean.    

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