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Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was being railroaded on contempt of court for "racial profiling" (meaning arresting illegal aliens in today's newspeak), got pardoned yesterday by President Trump. The heads of lefties are exploding all over certain American coastal regions and Senator John McCain, of course).

Let's add some icing to the cake (hat tip to actor James Woods). As we know, progressives believe in utopia. 

Well, here is utopia:




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Way to go Sheriff Joe and Most Exalted Leader DJT!

I would be angry if I were pulled over simply because of how I looked but I also think cops “must” profile to do their jobs. So, unfortunately, a person can fit a profile and still be unjustly hassled.

An example I have used before is of a licensed junk dealer I know who was pulled over in his junk laden truck three times in one day. He was black. He was driving just under the speed limit. He was going from job to job, and was noticed by several state troopers leaving residential areas. Aaargh! His solution was to get to know the troopers and put a better sign on his vehicle. I haven’t needed his services again so I don’t know if he is still being pulled over.

As an aside, I have about fifty metal pipes sticking out of the ground that were used to support young apple, peach, and one pear tree . . .  but now the trees support themselves. The pipes were pounded down with a sledge hammer by me standing on a ladder and they are difficult to pull up. The above mentioned junk dealer refused to pull them up for scrap because he “did not do physical labor.”

I have pulled several up, but I had to use a jack to get one up so the rest remain next to the trees. I may write a book called, “How to get a back ache that lasts the summer.”


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