Market update 6/23/17

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On 6/24/2017 at 11:59 AM, Peter said:

That site made it difficult to read and kept switching to commercials, so I read nothing. I did read somewhere else that this year oil could fall to twenty a barrel. Sorry Saudi's.


Now the Sheiks of Araby can go shit in their oil.  This potentates of extraction who produce no real wealth.  Let them go rot, or invest their ill gotten dollars in something productive.  The Kaffirs will still provide these camel-kings with their comforts.  

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Thanks Wolf.

A strong case could be made that the Saudi’s without oil would be riding camels and living in tents. Remember the history and story in “Laurence of Arabia?” And the Russians would be like every other third world country, without King Oil. I know Putin was legitimately elected, but if it was a closer race I am sure the authoritarian dictator would have meddled in his own election.


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