In praise of pessimism....


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It was rare and it was well-done. When the correspondent is only represented by letters on an electronic page it should be hard to know who they are. But, amazingly everyone understands who you are after a few dozen posts.

I think if hypothetical aliens exist within a few light years and send us messages, much of the earth’s population would be writing and responding. Then 4 years later you would get an answer. But the writing will be nearly continuous.

Hi. I am Bob, and I am a humanoid on the fifth planet from our sun, which you call Alpha Proxima. The weather is 70 of your degrees. I am in the third grade and I want to be an astronaut. We don’t look alike but from watching your TV I can already tell what your emotions are when your actors speak. For a while we could not tell what was acting and what was real, but now we can. Cool! I like reruns of The Love Boat best.  

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