Sex addiction?


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7 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

It just occurred to me, isn't there some way to work Anthony Weiner into this topic?

Maybe the personal addiction dude should send him a free copy of the pdf in exchange for some photos...

:evil: :) 


He likely already has--and didn't like the response.

There are people living their lives as victims wanting even more victimhood. It's an addiction. "Den Deet" came to OL and left(?) a victim.


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It looks like this thread has died a deserved death, but I want to add one thing for readers who might later take a peek and wonder why I became hostile.

I take addiction VERY seriously. It has hurt me in the past and I have too many stories in my life of people it has hurt. 

In Narcotics Anonymous, they had a saying when people would get frivolous or manipulative. They demanded respect. They said for every word contributed to the NA literature, at least one person has died. For every word. At least one death. And there's a lot of literature.

The particular addiction of this thread is not so life-and-death dramatic, but it is a graveyard where countless families, dreams, happiness, values, etc. go to die. Massive heartbreaks.

In the past, the tragedy of addiction slammed into my life and burned deep, so I'm no friend of people who prey on addicts.


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