Ayn...Om? Would Rand Approve of Meditation Practices

Ed Hudgins

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Ayn...Om? Would Rand Approve of Meditation Practices?
By Edward Hudgins

We all know that GOP Rep. Paul Ryan likes Ayn Rand.  Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan -- who recently lost his bid to unseat Nancy Pelosi as his party’s leader in the House -- probably not so much.  But what would Ayn Rand think of Tim Ryan hobbyhorse of pushing meditation policies on Capitol Hill? The answer might surprise you.

Meditating on mindfulness

Whenever politicians talk about meditation, you probably assume they’re either right wing religious nuts or left wing New Age wackos. In an interview ahead of his leadership bid, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace questioned the paucity of Tim Ryan’s legislative record, noting that in 14 years “the two big issues you’ve pushed are. . .  that you host meditation sessions every week on Capitol Hill, and that you got some federal money to teach. . . ‘mindfulness’ to students in your district.”

Tim Ryan gave the obvious response that “the capital could use a little mindfulness.” But he then veered into the serious, offering that “if you look at social and emotional learning … they’ve just did a meta-analysis a few months ago of 300,000 kids ... (Continue reading here.)


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