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Ansel Beam

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Hi all! I’m a writer; read “Atlas Shrugged” in high school, having plucked it off a library shelf. Over the years, I ended up reading pretty much everything Rand ever published. I am still surprised by how much animosity she seems to inspire, and how much people seem to focus on the shallow readings of her work and/or trivia of her personal life to completely dismiss all of her ideas, the whole vast structure of them, at once. Sometimes I feel like the “Atlas Shrugged” and “Fountainhead” I read were different editions than what many others got! Anyway, I want to thank Michael and others for keeping this forum, and helping keep Rand’s ideas afloat on the vast electronic seas of the internet.

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Welcome to OL. A fiction writer, whodda thunk it?...

I just bought a Kindle copy of Robot Maker. I hope it doesn't suck. :evil: 

Since you are starting out on that platform, please accept my best wishes for success. :) 

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoy the forum. I hope you find good friends and/or colleagues here. 


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Hi Michael, I hope it doesn’t suck too :lol: I’m afraid I’ve lost some of my ability to judge it objectively after reading it so many times (hello editing). Thank you for buying it too. I actually have a free promotion scheduled (today until July 5) so that people can take a chance on me and try it risk-free, given that I’m a self-published author and newbie and all. If people would be generous enough to give me feedback on any parts/aspects of it that do suck or are weaker than others, I’d be super grateful. I’m always trying to improve myself as a writer, so I can make the next one better. Thanks Brant, and I hope you don’t mean that in a cannibalistic way…

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