Alex Jones and Glenn Beck

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Alex Jones and Glenn Beck

I normally do not post rants from Alex Jones (I sometimes post informative videos from him), but this thing has been sitting right on Drudge's page for two days now--in the upper left-hand corner of the mains links. Here's a screenshot where it's now starting to fall a bit. It was actually two links before with different headline names.


And here is the video.

Man is it a hoot. :) 

Beck used to have a great relationship with Drudge. He is learning he makes no friends by, essentially, calling them Satanic and evil and actually meaning it.

Now he and his sidekicks are confused about why Drudge would feature this video.


It's a fun show, though. I'm starting to lose my sadness about Beck going south. As to Alex... well... Alex is Alex... There's no curing it, but at least it's consistent...



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