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Darrell's link is an animation ...




By OSHA Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management - Point of Contact Between a Rack and Pinion. The original uploader was Brian0918 at English Wikipedia., Public Domain, Link




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1 hour ago, Darrell Hougen said:

I guess the only way to make it work is to drag and drop from another window. If I click "Insert other media" it doesn't work.

Darrel, here is the HTML image code that you can put in the edit-box using the "Source" view:

<img src="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/68/Rack_and_pinion_animation.gif">

The forum software automatically checks the image and recodes the above to be more secure and conforming.  But if you just post that plain HTML in the Source edit box, the image will appear  (unless the domain has a 'no "hot-linking"' rule) .  Separately, note that off-site images can be added to an OL comment/post via the 'insert other media' option -- but only if the image source code conforms to one of three accepted image-file formats (.jpg/jpeg, .png, and .gif).

Image URLs must begin with http://  ... and end with one of the three conforming file formats, eg, http://www.G-20.in/folder/image.jpg

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