BUSTED! How "natural" product companies LIE about what they're selling!


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Who would protect you against unsafe products in a 100% free market? FDA wouldn't exist. FDA does a poor job, protects the companies more than it protects you. FDA (Fraud and Deception Administration) perhaps started half decent but now is one of the most evil entities on the planet.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, started a lab where he tests products. This is a hint of what would happen in a free market. There would be no need for a Fraud and Deception Administration.



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Well, yes, him and the Wall Street Journal, which provided the basis of his report. In short, in the free market - which actually operates today (as the existence of this very report demonstrates) - would and does! provide a multiplicity of modes and methods. You would have to decide for yourself... which we all do...

So, the Chimp is behind the power curve once again, shouting "Theater" in a crowded fire.


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