[Randex]✖ ■■■ Mike Daisey gets his mojo back with “F***ing F***ing F***ing Ayn Rand”

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“Ayn Rand” [...] engages the audience from Daisey’s first words, as he raises the question of why we should talk about Ayn Rand in the first place. He doesn’t provide his own answer until the very end, but he gets us thinking about what has inspired us to attend the performance and what we hope to learn over the course of the evening. [....] One could argue that “Ayn Rand” is the most important of Daisey’s monologues. It has the potential to inspire us to think deeply about why Rand holds such sway over the American right and what the left can do about it. At this moment in our nation’s history, Daisey argues that it’s an issue we cannot avoid addressing. — Alice Kaderlan, Crosscut.com  #

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