[Randex]✓ ■■■ An Interview with Elan Journo: Tips for Aspiring Intellectuals

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[Journo:] At the Ayn Rand Institute, we hear from fans of Rand’s writings who are inspired to study her ideas, and who want to write and speak about how those ideas apply in the world — say as scholars and professors, or as journalists and policy analysts. The Institute offers those folks courses, seminars, and grants. The idea for the livestream webinar is to share some tips with those interested in bringing Rand’s ideas to policy debates, and letting them know what resources ARI has to offer. The one I’d highlight is our Junior Fellows Program. These fellowships, which are paid positions, last up to a year. We bring on 2-4 recent college (and grad school) graduates to join ARI’s policy team to carry out research and writing, so that they gain a first-hand experience of what that kind of work is like. — Michael F. Shaughnessy, Education News  #

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