[Randex]✖ ■■■ And the Rand Played On… aka The Hell with Edutainment, Let’s Have Fun! (Review)

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And the Rand Played On aka The Hell with Edutainment, Let’s Have Fun! by John Ray and performed by the Burying Beetles Collective is a mad romp into the life and work and adorning fans of Ayn Rand, America’s rabid advocate for capitalism and social darwinism. Her writings and philosophy were a warning against creeping socialism and unionists’ aspiration to drag the country into a dull decay. Rand, with her thousand-page books that hail the self-reliant individualist as hero (with a distinctly social realist aesthetic), is the darling (or führer) of the tea party movement. Reading her books as an adolescent launched Paul Ryan’s career as a politician. Rand, with her philosophy of “objectivism” and selfishness, her writings are fodder for adolescents who think they have the world licked — they’re also fodder for those stuck in adolescence. — Tony Dallas, Cincinnati CityBeat  #

Categories: Capitalism, Egoism, Individualism, Paul Ryan
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