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Many years ago, I learned a definition of privacy from a law review article by Tom Gerety. “Privacy is an autonomy over the intimacies of personal identity.”

I’ve been on Facebook maybe a couple of years now. It has been simply wonderful. If someone says something nasty, you can eliminate the post from your page and stop that person’s ability to post there, if you like, by terminating their Friend status. I have about 250 Friends, and the only problem has been keeping up with them all. The great control over one’s page, and over the posts one makes on the pages of others, is very attractive and is one of the reasons many former posters in these forums such as OL now do their posting exclusively on FB.

The internal control one has at FB over who sees what, and for that matter, what the public that have not joined FB can see, reminds me of Gerety’s definition. I’ve always assumed that whatever one posts on FB can sooner or later be seen by a wider audience than one has selected, and just like here, I’ve never put anything up there that I wouldn’t want to share more widely.

People use their FB page for different things. One of my main uses has been to use the photo-album feature to create stories of my life and people in it. These FB pages can stay up long after end of one’s life, if one wants, and that is neat too. I learned just last night that I can link to those FB photo albums here due to my control selections there. By clicking on a photo in the links below, you can move through the entire album, and FB has set up some other things on these public screens to click on and explore from my page. Here are the albums I’ve created. These are all I plan to make; the project is complete. It has been so nice to have created these records and preserved these photos for family, friends, fans, and me.


Way Back

The Way We Were

Angel Friends


Julian and the Circle of Family

Our Place



Places Home


Points South

Points West

Not Too Far

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