Sanders Delivers Speech on Democratic Socialism


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"Necessitous man" is productive man. Roosevelt was not talking about the truly needy but the need to make the un-needy needy. I read about "The Four Freedoms" in jr high school. I knew then in the gut it was crap. "Freedom from want" came with a picture of grandma serving turkey diner, presumably at Thanksgiving. (Thank Washington?)


the smoke coming out of my ears just set off the fire alarm (I have to go douse my head in water and vent the house)

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From the man who honeymooned in the Soviet Communist Gulag while political prisoners were dying in Siberia...

such a humanist...

Sanders has consistently fought against fossil fuels and for more action to fight climate change, often openly challenging Clinton’s commitment to the climate.

He wants to stop all new oil, natural gas and coal development on public lands and offshore, and introduced legislation this week to put a tax on carbon emissions, aiming to cut the country’s greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050.

“We’ve got to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and fight for national and international legislation that transforms our energy system away from fossil fuel as quickly as possible,” Sanders said in his statement on the Paris agreement.

This wack job is actually a threat to go independent and take another key constituency away from Evita...

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