SteynOnline blocked by United Airlines

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I have to admit I like reading Mark Steyn's columns. I read them virtually every day. It sounds like a United passenger was also a big Steyn fan. Unfortunately for him, he was surprised to find that of all the websites he was able to access while flying on United, he was not able to access Steyn's rather innocuous little site.

Since when have businesses been so politically correct that they won't allow their customers to read material with which the business owners disagree? Imagine staying in a hotel and not being able to access conservative, libertarian, or objectivist websites using the hotel WIFI. I'm not saying the business doesn't have a right to do such things, but I'll certainly be boycotting those that do.

The article linked here describes this particular patron's experience at the end of the article.


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I'm also one of Mark's fans, and read his prescient book, "America Alone" which years ago foretold what's happening today in Europe. As America becomes more weak and feminized, there will be more censorship by the liberal wordnazis in response to the tyranny of the emotionally offended.



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