On this popular show I talk Ayn Rand and Leonard Peikoff


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Hey guys. I was interviewed on a popular podcast. We discuss strategies for getting more reading into a busy schedule, landing the mentor you want, and starting a business. I also mention Alex Epstein, Ryan Holiday, Ayn Rand and Leonard Peikoff.


Feedback is much appreciated!

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I'm halfway through and what a pleasant surprise!


In addition to anything else, I'm a huge Ryan Holiday fan.

And Epstein seems to be one of the upcoming stars from the ARI world I can find more common ground with than usual. (I don't want to digress on my agreements or disagreements in this context. Let me be gracious and just say he does a lot right according to my more independent way of thinking.)

I wasn't familiar with Adrienne Dorison before, but I like her, too. Really good interviewer. You both had great rapport.

I can't finish listening to your interview right now, so I have to finish later today, but I definitely will be writing more about this. (Including a couple of ideas re Book Tales.)

In the meantime, congratulations.

I like it.

And it makes me feel really good about your generation. Including the O-Land part.



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