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Hard to beat Spillane.

I remember the first time I really got impact from his stuff.

I think that, since my reading started so young, it had to be libido-driven. Meaning, if you read the right paperbacks, it was sexy; you could get inferences.

And, of course, you saw art; Nero Wolfe, cultivating his orchids. But the Mike Hammer stuff was down, and dirty.

Around the same time, I read a novel by Harry Crews (incredibly underrated novelist) called "Karate Is A Thing Of The Spirit". That was a turn-on; remember, I was dealing with my adolescent self, back then.

And, of course, there is http://members.aol.com/mg4273/hammett.htm That is core source material if you're into the detective stuff; Dashielle Hammett. He was the king of the squeaky fan, the neon sign flickering outside the window, the shoes with holes, the ashtray fulla smokes, the .38 snub sitting on the desk...

Anyway, Spillane novels were booze, broads, cigarettes, Vegas, guns...totally testosteronely driven. You can try to be O-ist about them, and you will find some elements, for sure (hero stuff), but that's not the primal beat, in my opinion.

The Money Shot:

I found some Spillane novel where Hammer (?, might be an alternate character he did, I do not recall) woke up mid-mission with a broad in bed (I love this stuff, mainly because these days, I kind of do that...off to work and leave a blonde in the bed). He's getting ready to go. There's this one part at the end where he sprays Right Guard Deodorant (I am dating myself) down the crack of his ass, last thing.

Now, that's crude, and such, as should be detectives. Not the point! Point being, if you're writing crime novels, it is highly unlikely for that kind of imagery to hit your brain, much less to put it in a book. That totally kicks ass. That is why, among many other reasons, that Spillane long ago earned Atomic Playboy status in my book. Totally a Mensch.

Hope you find that helpful.


Still trying to figure out what happened to his bedroom after last night.

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