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I doubt many people on these forums are interested in mixed martial arts, but who knows--there are certainly many parallels to chess and I'm sure there are some good chess players here. I wanted to see what people thought of this man though, Conor McGregor. He has invigorated the UFC and brought a ton of new fans to the sport, especially Irish ones.

The reason I bring him up is he fits the Randian hero mold quite well. He's confident, ruthless in his honesty, loves to work, and is extremely ambitious--calling himself (paraphrasing) "a white belt in the art of movement, while everyone else in the sport has yet to take their first class."

He's said, "Partying is weakness for the soul..." and described the difference between the Irish and American's like this: "You work all the time so you don't have to wear a suit, we work all the time so we can wear a suit."

He is polarizing in the MMA community. People either are excited by him and want to see what he can bring to the sport, or they hate his lack of humility and think he is disrespectful to those who came before him.

Here's the first video I saw of him and got me hooked immediately:

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I earned a brown belt in Hap ki do. There were 12 levels to black belt where most were just getting started and considered rookies by my 8th Dan instructor.

Its amazing how far UFC has come since Dan Severn and Royce Gracie, especially in terms of appeal over boxing. There were misconceptions about the fight game, being haymaker contests and we saw at that time everything was won on the ground. I especially like Rhonda Rouseys story and rise from basically nothing.

Martial arts got me in the best shape of my life at age 40, My joints are reminders of the damage that could be done with simple joint locks and arm bars.

The guy does seem to possess an authentic inner confidence. We'll see if he can back it up and for how long. Ive seen him fight and he is an amazing fighter. Work ethic doesnt always translate to success in the ring and it helps to be a naturally gifted. And talk is cheap.

Unless youre Tom Laughlin, a Hap Ki Do guy who played Billy Jack. Recalling the scene he said, 1:33. It was the best inside out crescent kick I ever saw on the big screen. )

But nothing will replace this man. My Kwan Jahng Nim -Cha Sok Park


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Every dog has his day. The Notorious took it on the chin. Loses one. UFC record now 15-1.

Connor made $1M.

Diaz made $500k to show with an extra $100k in bonuses for performance of the night and the win.

Royce Gracie won $50k in UFC 1 in 1993.

"Round 2: McGregor spins, but hits nothing. Solid left to the body scores for McGregor. And now a left upstairs twice for the Irish fighter. Diaz clinches, but McGregor pummels in right away and they separate. McGregor is picking Diaz apart here and now they flurry. Diaz scores a left. Lead uppercut scores for McGregor now. DIAZ WOBBLES McGregor and McGregor looks hurt. Diaz is pouring it on as he pressures McGregor against the fence. They separate and McGregor lands a hard left, but McGregor is hurt and SHOOTS. Diaz stuffs it and takes mount. He pounds on McGregor, flattens him, takes his back and secures a choke. That's it. McGregor loses. "

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Thats a weak argument.He lost more than half his fights. :huh:

I wonder if thats because hes a vegan toker. Hees bro, Nick, shorley like token on de gunga weed man. :D

Paleo diet consisted of - at 13:00-15:20, wasnt much of a meat eater.

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