September 2, 1946


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A factoid that I did not know.

Clearly, she must have sensed by birth and said, "Now I can start my book so he can read it."


Irrational Egoist

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2 hours ago, 9thdoctor said:

It's that day.

How did Ayn Rand impart logical and mathematical precision to her words? I was thinking of her frequent use of the Latin term *qua*. Any ideas about her sentence and paragraph progressions leading to clarity? Peter

Notes. From Merriam-Webster. qua preposition \ ˈkwä also ˈkwā \ Definition of qua: in the capacity or character of : as discussing the story qua story.

Did You Know? Which way? Who? No, we're not paraphrasing lines from the old Abbott and Costello routine "Who's on First?" We're referring to the etymology of qua, a term that comes to us from Latin. It can be translated as "which way" or "as," and it is a derivative of the Latin qui, meaning "who." Qua has been serving English in the capacity of a preposition since the 17th century. It's a learned but handy little word that led one 20th-century usage writer to comment: "Qua is sometimes thought affected or pretentious, but it does convey meaning economically."

First Known Use of qua? 1647, in the meaning defined above. History and Etymology for qua. Latin, which way, as, from ablative singular feminine of qui who — more at WHO.

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