"Private Security" Employees Of Blackwater Convicted - Minimum Sentence Rule Enforced - Sentenced From 30 Years & One To Life


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This is a fascinating case...

Apparently, which is what usually happens, one of the defendants agreed to a plea and testified.

A fifth former guard, Jeremy P. Ridgeway of California, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and testified against his former colleagues. He has not been sentenced.


His attorney(s) decided this was their client's best option and possibly a favorable 5K1.1 letter:

If a defendant must seek a plea agreement, it is often worthwhile to pursue a sentence reduction for substantial assistance to the prosecution under Section 5K1.1 of the Guidelines. This almost always involves a meeting known as a proffer.

Prior to the proffer, a diligent defense attorney will obtain a letter ensuring that the defendant's statements will not be used directly against him at trial or sentencing. It is important to note that this protection has limits and does not stop the government from introducing proffer statements if they are contradicted at trial by the defense or possibly even defense witnesses.

This is one reason to justify a system of "courts" for adjudication of unjustified initiation of force issues in a limited government Randian model.

However, it has also been a bone of contention amongst anarchocapitalists, Libertarians, Objectivists, Constitutional conservatives and limited government conservatives.

What are the viable options in the real world with what we understand to be human beings today.


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