Halt and Catch Fire


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I really liked this show and it reminded me in many ways of Atlas Shrugged; anti-social types working together to innovate against plenty of opposition. I would not call it an objectivist friendly show as there is just as much focus on the heroes' flaws as their virtues.

There's no good trailer but this will give you an idea if you'd like to check it out.

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The point of AS was Galt as a moral, not technological force. His motor or inventiveness was just a technological analogue to him--a reflection of his existential value denied to the world.


Ohhhhhh.... you're right. Now the show doesn't remind me of AS anymore.

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Having ported from IBM to Mac, I do not have the file, but "Halt and Catch Fire" HCF was a parody of an Assembler command from like 1986. The sad thing for me is that this is presented as if 1983 were the 18th century… In a sense this is still going on, but it is Java, Ruby, and Python for handhelds and pods and phones… Not just a bleached blonde with a butch haircut, now they have tattoos and pierces… And they call themselves UX for user experience. The new element is Security. My wife just finished a one-week class for a certification test in Hacking. Right now, we had to skip a class we are taking in browser hacking. My own interest is in the sociology of crime. We argue often (see the other thread) about it, but to me, the firewalls are pointless if you have a moral failure inside. I look at the people, not the programs. And for for me, the significant failures are not the hackers, but the managers. And… ummm… cannot watch the show on AMC: no TV in the house.

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