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On 1/17/2015 at 2:41 PM, jts said:

pdf file listing ingredients of vaccines:

There is a difference between ingestion and injection. The gut is a great protector. Injection bypasses this great protector.


Old post I know,.

Can you try and quantify the amount of Mercury and Aluminum (and any other substance that you think deserved attention) with respect to say what we inject  daily via say food pr say breathing etc.

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when a vaccine for coronavirus is available I hope it is as reliable as the measles, mumps, and pneumonia vaccines with little or no "other elements" included in the ingested pill or injected shot. 

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9 hours ago, Peter said:

when a vaccine for coronavirus is available I hope it is as reliable as the measles, mumps, and pneumonia vaccines with little or no "other elements" included in the ingested pill or injected shot. 


There is no vaccine for AIDS. Yet humans have done a great job on eliminating it as a scourge.

Vaccine is only one path, not the only path. Cure is a really good path.

As to other elements added to vaccines, if you had a God complex, liked money a lot, and had access to tons of nanoparticles that will brand people like cattle to keep score on who gets vaccinated or not (and later control them in other ways as the technology develops), will you use that technology? Will you put those nanoparticles in the vaccines?

Of course you will.

That, to me, is bothersome. 

As a parallel worry, what about the contact trace corps? Oodles of people are now being hired during this economic downturn as contact trace agents for different governments. There is a video out there of a recent discussion between Bill Clinton and Gavin Newsom on how to fund and implement this corps. Contact trace corps is their term, not mine. They also discussed the rights individuals will have to give up for this implementation.

What is contact tracing? It's a new kind of babysitting. And it works like this.

If you go to a medical clinic and get diagnosed as positive for COVID-19, a contact trace agent gets assigned to you. This agent will interview you over and over to get you to remember everyone you had contact with. Also, the agent will go through your records and so on. Then this agent will go to everyone you mentioned and do the same to them. Then the agent will visit the people those people mentioned and so on.

The idea on the surface is to find out if anyone else you have had contact with is contaminated since the virus is contagious. Meanwhile, the contact trace agent will be compiling a database of God knows what information. And like most things government does, once this starts, it will be hell to get rid of these agents.

STASI anyone?

The time to stop this crap is now. 

I don't want a babysitter constantly snooping on everyone I know (and their people) if I get sick.


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I saw where a midsouth store was opening up (Mississippi?) but because of a spike in infections they are closing back down. I think I will stay "mostly quarantined" even if my state relaxes the restrictions.

That whole "trace" thing does sound like Big Brother during the Andromeda Strain pandemic. I guess Bill Clinton is still "concerned" for all of humanity. Sob.   

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52 minutes ago, Peter said:

I think I will stay "mostly quarantined" even if my state relaxes the restrictions.


Actually, I think this is wise.

I'm all for people making their own choices. As a person who's up there myself and in the vulnerability range, I think is it prudent to be cautious. 

However, I'm against the government making those choices for me, imposing them on everyone, then feeding nonstop propaganda to seal the deal.

In a real emergency, I don't mind the heavy hand of the government for the duration.

But this go around, except near the beginning, they did a really poor job of convincing people the threat was greater than all the threats that have come before. The unprecedented action of shutting down an entire country threw this into stark contrast. And people--the "we the people" people--are not happy.

Like Rush Limbaugh says, though. The doomsayers in the press will always be right, even if they are lying and doing propaganda. If disaster happens, they say, "I told you so." If disaster doesn't happen, they say, "See? If I had not warned people, they would not have taken precautions and a disaster would have happened. The fact that none did is proof I am right. You should thank me."


And if they are flat-out wrong and everybody knows it because, say, a prediction of theirs turned out so backwards and upside down, they can't hide it anywhere under any verbiage, they will ignore their error and come up with some other story to scare the hell out of people and try to make it sound plausible. The manmade climate change scam has been running on this process for decades.

I guess, the rule is never debate a doomsayer. You will lose.

(By "you" in this case, I mean anyone, not you personally.)

Instead, present a different story with evidence to back it up. Not evidence that debunks the doomsayers (that will always lead nowhere), but, instead, evidence that supports the new story.

That makes you break away from the herd and is one way to keep from running off a cliff when the herd is stampeding.


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The CDC is reporting ~37 k deaths from Covid 19.

30 k Lazaruses ?

hmm seems they upped total deaths from all causes to +700k from around 50k , so perhaps a cat on a keyboard

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Local officials are talking about opening up Ocean City Maryland's boardwalk and beaches, and I suppose the restaurants, hotels, and arcades by July 4th. My worry is about the out of state (and region) people who always come from Baltimore, Pennsylvania, and New York. I worry about their "germs" being spread to local residents who are self quarantined but will have relatives who work in OC bringing the virus home. Sigh. I know people shouldn't lose their businesses and the workers their jobs. I know people are hungry or living on welfare and food banks. I saw cars today lined up outside a store that is giving away boxes of food. I just don't want to get the virus. My wife suggested we get about three months of food and supplies, buy more books to read and watch cable.

I just read the latest, 2019, Jack Reacher novel. It is violent but that is what you expect . . .  so I won't give more away. Now I am reading a Lucas Davenport book by John Sandford called "Masked Prey." I think I like it better.  Peter   

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