Can You Love the Part of You?...

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The quote below is not from a famous work. It is from a video on writing.

Michael Levin is a bestselling author and a bestselling ghostwriter, with about 9 NYT bestsellers under his belt.

He put together the most amazing writing course for free on YouTube. It consists of over 200 short videos, each dealing with a specific aspect of writing. As I was plowing through them, I came across this gem of a quote:

Can you love the part of you that hates the rest of you?

I did a full stop and went, "Woah..." when I heard those words and the layers of nuance hit me. As a former drug addict, I resonated on a deep level.

Here is the video where he says the quote.

If you want to see the video playlists of his course, go here.


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Very important analysis.

Good delivery.

I enjoyed the way he used the "self potraits" of the masters as an example and foundation for his argument.

He delivers that quote towards the end with directness and a wryness in his face that tells me he is 100% sincere.

Very effective.

At least you do not have to change your "Know thyself!"

Nice find Michael.


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It is a good one. Reminiscent of Branden: "Often you are most intolerant in your lover of those qualities you have disowned in yourself. So paying attention to what angers you or makes you impatient

can be a doorway leading to deeper self-awareness."

(Can be anyone, not just your lover).

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