Please note when you sign up

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Please note when you sign up

On visiting another forum, I discovered that I just probably deleted a real poster who signed on today. I thought he he was a robot spam program, but I just saw the same fantasy name on the other forum. Sometimes, even with all the barriers in place, a robot program will manage to sign on. In these cases, Kat and I delete them by hand.

If you are new to OL, you can use a fantasy name, but please provide your real name in your profile at the very least when you sign on. Putting a fantasy name there - together with an email account that is obviously set up at places like gmail for signing on - will result in the account being deleted without warning. Neither Kat nor I have a crystal ball to tell whether you are real or not.

Anyway, we are learning that people who hide usually have something to hide and it usually ain't good.


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