Glenn Beck and Google

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Glenn Beck and Google

I copied these posts from another thread since this has its own throughline.

Well... maybe I got a nudge from laughing so hard at a very funny complaint about thread drift (see here).

Anyway, this is actually happening and I am delighted.

Guess who else is getting it about the swing in storytelling that is starting to change the culture?


Guess where Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen will be at 5:00 PM today?

On TheBlaze TV for the full hour--being interviewed by Glenn Beck, that's where.

Google coming to Glenn Beck TONIGHT!
by Wilson Garrett
Feb. 24, 2014

From the article:

On tonight’s episode of The Glenn Beck Program, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, and Jared Cohen, Director of Google Ideas will join Glenn, on set in NYC for the full hour. They'll be discussing their new book, The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business, as well as the evolution of technology and the Internet in the near future.

While having two of the biggest names in the tech world would normally be more than enough reason to tune in, what makes this interview a “can’t miss” is the mix of respect and skepticism that Glenn has had about Google.

You have to sign up to see the interview, but it will be on the cable channel.

Knowing Glenn, this will be available to the general public after the subscription draw power wears off.

Why would these guys go to Glenn's subscription audience to plug a book about technology. Aren't his subscribers supposed to be unsophisticated yahoos who don't know any better?

(Dayaaam! That "yahoo" thing was a big honking groaner. Sorry, it wasn't intentional. :smile: )

Google knows all about storytelling. And it is a savvy company that always stays ahead of the trends. Maybe it's because they have most of the Internet's search data and know how to analyze it.

But I want to see how Schmidt and Cohen will try to justify to Glenn why it is a good idea for Google to be in bed with the government, i.e., why crony capitalism might be bad, but when Google does it, it's good. That promises to be very, very interesting... :smile:

If anybody wants to buy the book, here is my Amazon affiliate link: The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen.

I might as well as make a few pennies if anybody wants to get the damn thing. :smile:

(sigh...) Look at me. I'm going to end up getting the damn thing myself, so I'm just as much a dummy. :smile:


Guess who else is getting it about the swing in storytelling that is starting to change the culture?


Guess where Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen will be at 5:00 PM today?

On TheBlaze TV for the full hour--being interviewed by Glenn Beck, that's where.

Well, I saw it.

I expected cordiality, but I did not expect such timidity on both sides.

This was a total overture. One side sizing up the other as a preliminary to more and better stuff later.

Google wants entry into the world Glenn represents and Glenn doesn't want to screw up and inadvertently say something that could be interpreted as religious luddism or conspiracy theories. Both were cautious as hell.

During a few moments, you could feel one side or the other warming up in a kind of astonished manner. The subtext seemed to say, what the hell's happening? This guy's making sense. This is interesting all of a sudden.

That happened on both sides, not just one. And it happened several times. But it would only last for two or three minutes, then the timidity and cautiousness would return.

I was very pleased to see Google recognize the value of what Glenn is building. Schmidt called his organization the wave of the future and a perfect example of how business will be done over the Internet.

One of the areas where Google is very clever is they align themselves with upcoming government powers. They got in like Flynn with Obama during election time and it paid off big for them. Now the tide is changing toward conservative--and libertarian-leaning conservative at that. The kind Glenn fosters. Suddenly Google is sitting down with one of the libertarian media motors driving millions of people the middle class in that direction.

I fully expect there to be more interaction between Google and TheBlaze in the near and far future. Including Freedomworks and the whole shebang Glenn promotes politics-wise, although nobody talked about this during the show. And also, that entertainment wing Glenn is investing in--movie studio, TV productions, theme parks, book and magazine publisher, etc. I believe Google knows exactly what that means and how it will reflect on the government.

Besides, I got a slight impression that Schmidt was pissed about the way things turned out with Obama. It was more in between the lines than on the surface, but it was there. Especially when they discussed the NSA.

If you want to see a couple of video clips of the interview and read all about it, here is the report on TheBlaze site:

Glenn Beck Has a Fascinating Talk With the Google Guys: ‘Do You… Even Believe in the Constitution?’


Continuing on Glenn Beck and Google, I just heard Glenn play an audio of Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen being interviewed by someone (I didn't catch who) after their appearance on TheBlaze TV yesterday.

They not only praised Glenn to the skies regarding his ability to merge the Internet with traditional business in a disruptive way (in the good sense of disruptive, meaning innovation)--they called him the best, by the way--they talked about how intelligent he was and how his deep insights into social issues, including things like radical Islam, have been on the mark over the years.

I can't find the audio yet, but I'll post it just as soon as it appears somewhere. And, owing to the nature of their gushes about Glenn, it will appear. This is going to be major heartburn for a lot of snoots.

Man, this sure feels good after all the shit I took for supporting him way back when.


That must make me super-intelligent, too!

Woo hoo!



EDIT: Bingo. Just got it.

Looks like I was wrong about when it happened. It was before the show, not after.

Eat your heart out, suckas!!!

See here for details (on TheBlaze, naturally).

What Two Google Execs Said About Glenn Beck Before the Studio Cameras Started Rolling

Lil' ole' me...
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