Pretty Cool Kid - IQ High As Einstein, Hawking And Gates ...He Is 4 Years Old!


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sherwyn-sarab-child-genius.jpg Caters News Agency Sherwyn Sarabi is a genius child and recently got a 160 score (which is maximum marks) on an IQ test.

Sherwyn's mother, Amanda Sarabi said: "He is a very happy healthy child and loves to talk.

"He questions everything and I have been doing my best to answer his questions to the best if my knowledge.

"His general knowledge is amazing for a four year old, I think it's because of all the questions he asks all day long.

"Sherwyn has read over 190 books and his favourite is the encyclopedia as he loves learning new things."

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I had a children's dictionary when I was growing up, but I was more fascinated with video games. :smile:

My public education, namely my middle school education, pretty much killed any fascination I could have had with books. It wasn't until I began reading Marilyn Manson's autobiography that I discovered my love of reading.

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