Glenn With The Surfer Dude Dropout

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Glenn With The Surfer Dude Dropout

Here is an interview Glenn did with Srinivas Rao, the young surfer dude dropout who wrote The Art of Being Unmistakable: A Collection of Essays About Making a Dent in The Universe (only available on Kindle so far).

Rao went the education and corporation route--twice. He got fired from just about every job he had. One day he said to hell with it and went surfing. Then he started pouring his heart out on a blog and soon attracted a following. He started interviewing folks. Things grew and he wrote a book.

Glenn, on a whimsy while looking through Amazon, bought his book and read it. The wow factor hit him, they finally connected, and here is the result.

I went ahead and got this book. It's three bucks and 64 pages long. Glenn says he cannot recommend it highly enough. When I read it, I'll report here.

They both agreed in the interview that they were an unlikely fit. Highly unlikely. Yet there they sat talking sense to each other. Not just sense. Inspiration. Core value inspiration that was not religion.

The interview comes first in the video, then a discussion Glenn did on the radio that morning before the TV show is appended. My favorite line is from the radio show (the quote starts a 30:30). Glenn is talking about writing your own story with your life instead of the story others have written for you--that story you end up living and hating.

Who's writing on your page?

Many people want the government to write it now. Many people [are] just like, "I just want to... you know... I just want to be left alone and just... whatever."

But how can the government write it? How can anybody else write if they don't even know you?

They don't know you.

The story that anybody else will write for you is the one that pleases them--the one that will make them feel good at your expense--one that will serve their needs, not yours.

Cautionary words. Wise words.

I agree with them. I prefer to write my bold adventure.

In fact, I've let that slide a little. Time to pick up the pen again...


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