"The Government Against the Economy" by Reisman


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"The Government Against the Economy" by George Reisman goes back to 1979 and perhaps is starting to be forgotten, judging by some book lists that I saw. As I recall, when this book first came out, it was praised to high heaven by all the critics and it was a quality book in the same category as "Economics in One Lesson" by Hazlitt and "The Law" by Bastiat. It was promoted by Objectivists (2nd Renaissance Books. etc) until George Reisman got disfellowshipped and then they stopped promoting it.

You can download this book in pdf form for zero price. A simple search finds it, first hit. Copy (ctrl C) the title of this thread and paste (ctrl V) it into your search engine.

Phooey on Objectivists who are thumbs down on this book just because it was written by George Reisman.

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An equally cogent book is "The Great Deformation" by David Stockman.

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