Dear Constable Burns


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Dear Durham Regional Officer Scott Burns "Joe Mayo":

When next your outraged sense of justice demands that you contact douchebags, card-carrying al-Qaidans, advising them to readjust their ethnic anatomies in unrealistic ways, do not contact the Provincial Ombudsman. Stick to the City Councillors of cities you do not live in.

Just a hint.

Concerned Served and Protected Citizen

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Apologies to Const, Scott, I got your name backwards.

Maybe I got it confused with your compatriot Scott Terry, or is it Terry Scott, currently on leave with full pay as he awaits trial for making child pornography (not watching, making) and various other charges. He has shown his innate virtue and productivity while on leave by earning good money by what legal experts have called "a full-time second job." In addition to his hundred grand plus, this should cushion him from the vicissitudes ahead, if there are any.


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