It's Not Enough To Say You're Sorry

Robert Baratheon

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Or, alternatively,

"Screw Sanjay Gupta, David Frum, Diane Ravitch, and Ezra Klein"

There's a pattern I've noticed of MSM-type talking-heads:
1) Launching their careers by vocally advancing a viewpoint;
2) Coming to the realization that their viewpoint was wrong; then
3) Going on a self-indulgent apology tour to make amends to the public.
The latest in this series is CNN "expert" Sanjay Gupta apologizing for perpetuating bogus government propaganda surrounding medical marijuana:
Isn't admitting one's mistakes a good thing? Shouldn't we be applauding these public reversals?
Yes and no. We should applaud people owning up to mistakes, but ONLY if the individuals attempt to correct the damage they have done.
In my view, the problem is these professional know-it-alls built their brands on the basis that their opinion was worth something. It turned out that their opinions were not only uninformed and mistaken, but actually harmful to lots of people (Medical Marijuana/Gay Marriage/No-Child-Left-Behind/Iraq War respectively). But despite now feeling remorse for their policy mistakes, none of these individuals is doing anything to actually rectify the harm they've caused or give back any of the profits they've illegitimately reaped by spouting off nonsense in front of millions of people. In fact, they are continuing to profit by bolstering their brands through their replenished media coverage instead of contributing money to the causes they've harmed.
Screw them.
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